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Thermal mug with engraving - a history of engraving

The art of engraving has been known for centuries. In this way, ancient craftsmen decorated a variety of artistic and representative products by hand. Their work was also used to create printing fonts, banknote matrices, seals, badges or medals. Nowadays, this ancient form of work has become a thing of the past. However, engraving itself is still a very commonly used technique. The difference is that nowadays it is mostly done by special machines that do most of the work for people.

How is a Contigo thermal mug with laser engraving made?

Engraving is a technique in which a very thin layer of material (for example, metal) is removed from the surface of a material in a specific shape. In this way, a design in the form of numbers, letters or pictures appears on the surface. This is not usually done by hand. Instead, a special file is loaded into the machine informing it of the motif to be applied to, for example, an engraved thermal mug. The whole process here is fast, very precise and offers the possibility to create almost any engraving.

Keep in mind, however, that thermal mugs engraving may have a beautiful , but their thermal insulation is crucial. Without it, even the prettiest product of this type will not fulfil its function. That's why every Contigo thermal engraved mug has two thick walls with a vacuum between them. This design ensures that your drink stays warm for several long hours of your work or study.

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