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Contigo reusable water bottles

Wondering which water bottle is best? You check the product parameters for a long time before answering the question: which water bottle to buy for yourself or your child? This means that you are an informed consumer. And we are very happy about that.

You may not be aware of it, but Poland is at the forefront of European countries when it comes to the use of PET plastic bottles which litter our planet and have a negative impact on our health. In addition, PET bottles often contain the harmful compound BPA, which has a negative impact on our body's hormones, fertility and development. This is why it is so important what we store food and water in.

Contigo water bottles - popular models

Reusable water bottles are an indispensable gadget that you can always have on hand. Thanks to patented systems, it is a fully leak-proof product, which makes it comfortable to use and store.

The Contigo brand's range of water bottles is made from health-safe Tritan. This modern plastic does not contain harmful substances. And, unlike glass, it is durable and lightweight.

If you are looking for a model that is ideal for women, the Contigo Swih water bottle for school and work should appeal to you. Thanks to its practical, compact size, it will even fit into a small backpack or a small handbag.

A good water bottle with a straw and a convenient mouthpiece is ideal for the gym or other sports activities. Of this type of model, the Contigo Ashland water bottle is definitely worth recommending. Among other things, it is convenient for everyday use thanks to the possibility of drinking without tilting your head back.

Water bottles for children

The Contigo brand's range could not lack products designed with the youngest in mind. A baby bottle should, above all, be leak-proof, safe for health, easy to handle, but above all, it should appeal to your child. Check out our suggestions for children's water bottles.

Be eco. Opt for zero waste. Swap a plastic bottle for a reusable one.

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