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Your Contigo thermal cups

The Contigo thermal mug is the most popular thermal mug available on the market. And no wonder. Each Contigo mug is characterized by the highest quality of workmanship, record-breaking temperature and 100% tightness. It has been designed with attention to even the smallest detail, thanks to which it will appeal to the most demanding customers. We guarantee that in the offer of the store you will find the perfect mug that will meet all your expectations.

The best Contigo thermal mug - see the most popular models

The most popular in our store is the Contigo West Loop thermal mug. It is a well-profiled model that is extremely easy to use, even if you only have one free hand at your disposal. you push. You drink. you let go. you close. This patented AutoSeal technology guarantees both great comfort of using the product and its complete tightness. West Loop Contigo is also the perfect gift mug suitable for both women and men.

The Contigo Pinnacle thermal mug has a capacity of 300 ml, which makes it also a great thermal mug for children. It is small, so we can easily pack it into a backpack or a small, feminine handbag.

A thermal coffee mug that keeps it warm for 7 hours is a great product for people who often travel. For example, the large thermal mug Contigo Byron 720 ml has such great thermal properties. This good thermal mug is a real must-have for all coffee lovers.

For those who value exceptional comfort of use, we recommend a thermal mug with a silicone cover that minimizes the risk of the container slipping out of your hand. For example, the Contigo Transit thermal mug has it.

If you are wondering which thermal mug to choose, be sure to check out our suggestions.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Een van de weinigen die nog mijn gewilde thermosflessen te koop heeft. Keurig op tijd geleverd. Prima bedrijf.