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A tried and tested gift - a thermal mug for your birthday

You've received an invitation to your brother's, friend's or work colleague's birthday party. And like every year, you have a problem: what to buy as a gift for this important occasion? Wine or chocolates have already been there, items related to passions, interests too... So maybe it's time for printed thermal birthday mugs? You tell us the birthday of the celebrant, we stylishly apply it to the body of the product. Simple, isn't it? And heavily personalised too.

Thermal mug with birthday - from Contigo

This is a gift you can give to absolutely anyone. Even your boss, mother-in-law or son. Just send us the exact day of your birthday in the format DAY-MONTH-YEAR (for example 06-05-2003) and we'll do the rest. It only takes a couple of days to prepare the thermal mug for your birthday, as we already have the whole design ready, we just need to change the date of birth.

What else do you have to choose from when it comes to your Contigo birthday mug? Its basic colour. There are two options here - either a deep, matt black or a more subdued, matt graphite. These are versatile shades good for both men and women.

What is the lead time for you to ship the birthday thermal mugs?

As we mentioned, the lead time for this type of order is not long. If the given birthday is between 1 January 1970 and 31 December 2015, shipping takes place within two working days of placing the order. When the dates do not fall within this range, we need up to five working days for the preparation of the print file and for the dedicated printing itself.

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