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Valentine's Day thermal mug - where does the tradition of the day of lovers come from?

We don't know much about Saint Valentine. What is certain is that he was a bishop of Terni in Umbria living in the 3rd century, who died on 14 February 269 to be exact. He died a martyr's death, probably by beheading. Why did the execution take place? Firstly: because he blessed the marriages of young legionaries, despite the prohibition issued by the Emperor Claudius II of Gothia, saying that men aged 18-37 were forbidden to marry. Secondly, because he refused to renounce his faith. This is probably why he is considered the patron saint of both lovers and the insane and mentally ill.

Is a Valentine's Day thermal mug a good decision?

To emphasise Valentine's contribution to lovers, the day of his death is celebrated annually as a festival of love, a day on which loved ones give each other small gifts. A Contigo heart thermal mug, for example, can be such a gift that expresses our feelings well. In the centre of the largest of the hearts (because there are several of them), the inscription "I love you" is placed, which is the most important form of expressing the said close feeling.

As a thermal mug for Valentine's Day for him and for her, you can choose a set of two almost identical products from the Glamour series, differing only in colour. Another suggestion, already intended for spouses, are the husband and wife Valentine's Day thermal mugs. You will never confuse which product belongs to which one of you, as they are appropriately labelled with a decorative print. So whether you need an I love you thermal mug or any other thermal mug that speaks of the love you feel, you are sure to find what you need in the Contigo range.

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