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Replacement caps for Contigo thermal mugs and Contigo bottles

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Contigo - spare cap for thermal mugs

In the offer of the shop you will find such accessories as spare cap for Contigo West Loop mug and versions dedicated to other Contigo mugs (Byron/Huron, Pinnacle, Luxe or Transit Metra). These are indispensable products when your mug is good and only the lid to the thermal mug has been damaged. So when the body itself is in perfect condition, you don't have to buy a whole new article. All you need to do is replace its component. This will save you a lot of money and you won't have to throw away a good item.

Spare caps for Contigo water bottles

The very popular Contigo water bottles also have original replacement parts dedicated to them. A spare cap for your Contigo Ashland bottle? You will get it from us right away. As well as the caps for Contigo Cortland, Contigo Swish or Contigo Rush bottles. So, if this part has unluckily fallen off or if you have hit it too hard against a hard surface - we invite you to purchase the described spare part.

Replacement Contigo bottle cap for children

Contigo's products dedicated to toddlers also have additional parts which you can quickly purchase in the event of damage to their first versions. First of all, there are spare bottle caps for the Gizmo Flip, which you can also use as replacements for the Gizmo Sip model.

How do you clean Contigo thermal mug caps?

If you're curious about how to clean your Contigo thermal mug cap and other Contigo products, be sure to check out our How to Clean Contigo Products videos. Remember, when it comes to food and beverage storage items, proper hygiene is extremely important for our health!

Spare thermal mug cap or screw cap?

You ask every now and then: cap or screw cap? If you are wondering which is the correct form, we have good news for you. Both forms are correct! A bottle, a thermos or a thermal mug therefore have a cap and a screw cap, because when it comes to these products, the same object lies under both names.

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