International Coffee Day 2021

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Thermal mug for the coffee drinker - with themed inscription

You take your coffee with you absolutely everywhere. Whether you are driving to the office, gardening, relaxing on the beach or even watching a film at the cinema, you simply cannot do without this wonderfully fragrant beverage. You simply cannot do without this wonderfully fragrant beverage. Yes, you are a coffee addict and you are not ashamed of it. So show your love to the world by buying a thermal mug with coffee written on it. Of course, there can (and should!) be more than just this one word on it. At Contigo, we have prepared entire elaborate prints that all those who celebrate their private International Coffee Day every day will love.

Thermal coffee mugs - check out their prints!

Coffee drinkers have long since come to love the technology built into Contigo thermal mugs. They keep drinks hot for hours, regardless of whether it's hot in the summer or cold in the winter. In addition, the taste remains consistent and even when the coffee cup is placed in a rucksack, there is no risk of the liquid spilling.

For many coffee drinkers, however, this is not enough. As a birthday present, we can therefore buy them a thermal mug entitled "Work is work, but the coffee won't drink itself". This print is applied to the mug in a brown colour, alluding in shade to the delicious caffe latte.

Another thermal coffee mug has an inscription in English. Its wording is as follows: High quality coffee makes day easy. This translates as: high quality coffee makes the day easier.

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