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Thermal mug Warsaw? Or maybe Poznań?

Local patriotism - this is a concept that is very important to many people these days. They feel much more at home in their local town or city than in their country. It is for such consumers that we at Contigo have prepared the "Cities" collection. With the products in it, you will be able to proudly show where you come from, what place is important to you.

Good thermal mug Cracow

With the Contigo West Loop from the "Cities" series, you will clearly mark your origin. Your favourite drink in true urban style will be stored for you in a Contigo thermal mug from Łódź, Wrocław, Szczecin or Gdańsk. On each of them you will find a print with a symbol associated with the given point of origin and an inscription with the name of the city.

The Contigo Warsaw mug features a picture of the Mermaid standing in the Old Town and the Siekierkowski Bridge connecting Mokotów with Wawer and Praga Południe. The Contigo Krakow thermal mug is, of course, the Wawel Dragon. That is, the dragon that was said to be hiding in the Dragon's Den at the foot of Wawel Hill. And what about thermal mugs Łódź? Here the symbol is much more contemporary. For it is the unicorn, which as of 7 June 2019 stands at the intersection of Piłsudskiego and Piotrkowska streets. This statue refers to the public transport interchange centre opened in October 2015, which is colloquially known by Łódź residents as the Stable of the Unicorns.

And the Poznan Contigo thermal mug? Here, the goat figures living on the roof of the local city hall could not be missed. Every day at noon, their drive mechanism is activated, causing the goats to toot their horns. The Wrocław thermal mug, in turn, depicts a motorcyclist dwarf named Wentyl. He lives on Szewska Street, under the Maria Magdalena Cathedral. He appeared there thanks to the efforts of the Wrocław Motorcyclists' Association "Wratislavia Bikers".

The iconic Szczecin thermal mug depicts a large harbour crane, while the Gdansk thermal mug is nothing other than a statue of Neptune from the Gdansk Old Town.

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